1933 Goudey Sport Kings Gum

This early sports card set featured a variety of players across various sports.  There is a large picture of the featured athlete with interesting small silhouettes of athletes in black ink below this picture and above the name.  Biographical information on the back of each card is very intriguing and informative, giving a glimpse into the sport at that time.  Historically significant because of its early year of production, the variety of sports represented make it appealing to many types of collectors whether basketball, baseball, boxing, golf, etc.  The set itself has stayed in demand and valuable because of these reasons.  The cards are rarely, if ever seen in grades above a PSA 8 because of their poor centering.  Basketball cards include the #3 Nat Holman, #5 Ed Wachter, #32 Joe Lapchick (misspelled Lopchick on the front) and the #33 Eddie Burke.  The highest graded complete set sold on November 10, 2004 for $360,000 (see article here).

It is sometimes known as “1933 Sport Kings” for short or “1933 Sport Kings Gum”  because of the red “Sport Kings Gum” banner across the front.  Others refer to it as “1933 Goudey Sport Kings” because of The Goudey Gum Co. that produced the cards.  Although typically referred to as a 1933 set, production ran into 1934 as you can see from the copyright on some of the cards like the #32 Joe “Lopchick” for instance.  The set was reprinted in 1986, disappointingly so.  People will practically give the reprints away for free.

Information on Individual Cards:

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