1995-96 Skybox Premium Lottery Exchange

Unopened Set of Skybox Lottery Exchange Cards

Obtaining the cards: If you were lucky enough to come across three different exchange cards while collecting 1995-96 Skybox basketball cards, you could redeem them for the 1995-96 Skybox Premium Lottery Exchange set.  These exchange cards were placed into Series One packs at an overall rate of 1:40.  The deadline for exchange was June 15, 1996.

The Set: The set included a header card showing a set’s serial number out of 25,000 and thirteen cards featuring the first thirteen picks in the 1995 draft.  They came in a plain plastic wrapper and many collectors make sure to have a sealed set as part of their collection.  The number a player was selected in the draft is featured prominently on the front as well as being subtly mixed into an otherwise solid background.  The highlight over time has become the #5 Kevin Garnett rookie card, but others stars are featured as well including Joe Smith, Damon Stoudamire, and Bryant Reeves.

The Cards:

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