1995-96 Skybox Premium Lottery Exchange #5 Kevin Garnett


It is essential to read about the 1995-96 Skybox Premium Lottery Exchange complete set to understand the role of this card in its larger setting!

The #5 Kevin Garnett rookie card is the highlight of the  1995-96 Skybox Lottery Exchange set.  In the 2001 Standard Catalog of Basketball Cards, it’s value was listed at $12.00 with the next highest card listed at $8.00 (Damon Stoudamire).  The price has stayed quite stable depending on the card’s condition, although they sometimes take a while to sell.  There are plenty on the market, but nearly all exceed $2 in price no matter the condition.

In Short: Essential for any Kevin Garnett collection.  Although more rare than a standard card, this one shouldn’t be too hard to obtain.

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