1999 Ultra WNBA #116 Shannon Johnson Rookie

It is essential to read about the 1999 WNBA Ultra complete set to understand the context of this card!

1999 Ultra WNBA is one of two debut sets for the WNBA.  And this is one of the 25 rookie cards in the set.  Those looking to complete a set of either rookies alone, or all 125 cards, will find themselves searching for this one.  As one of these 25 rookies, the card is a touch more rare than regular cards in the set.  In the 2001 Standard Catalog of Basketball Cards, the card is valued with other rookies at $3.00.  Although it can be found cheaper than this, the price indicates the extra rarity that these rookie cards have.

This card in particular is interesting for the history it contains.  The sport of basketball is always growing and changing, and that is very evident on this card.  A glance at Shannon Johnson’s stats on the back and you’re reminded that she played in the ABL for the Columbus Quest.  The ABL existed for three seasons until it shutdown.  This card commemorates her being drafted to the Orlando Miracle, a sister team of the Magic.  This team relocated in 2003 and became the Connecticut Sun.  The card is a neat piece of history that shows how the sport is constantly in flux.

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