Searching the Internet – Searching for GIFs

There are both positives and negatives to the vast amount of content available online.  The positives (increased access to knowledge and entertainment, platform for sharing ideas, etc.) are obvious.  Unfortunately, so are the negatives.  More often than not, you find yourself wading through advertisements and computer-written, irrelevant content most of the time.  In this age of being bombarded with worthless content, the better you can sift through it, the more valuable it is.

This particular post on searching the internet present a simple site for searching for GIF files.  Whether simply for entertainment, or to add a sarcastic, humorous touch to a signature, it is not difficult to go further than rehashing the GIFs that have already reached meme status.  Although certainly not a secret (it’s a major site in fact), can be used as a user-friendly, clean search for GIFs by keyword.

A creation of Alex Chung, giphy is a refreshing example of a need (a search for GIF files) being met in the simplest and most practical of ways.  But not without a hint of fun, as the “Team” page on their website as well as the arcade machine in their offices demonstrates.1)Popular Science, May/June 2016, p. 16

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