1992 Classic #84 Harold Miner


Placing it in Context:  The 1992 Classic basketball card set was overproduced.  Approximately one million sets were printed. 1)Page 37 of the 2001 Standard Catalog of Basketball Cards It is common to see collectors with a surplus of these cards lying around.  The standard set consisted of 100 cards, all featuring picks from the June 1992 NBA draft.

The Card:  It’s easy for collectors to dismiss the early 1990’s Classic sets.  Few collectors are searching for names like Geoff Lear, Craig Upchurch, or Mik Kilgore.  But some cards in the set should cause a “Wait a second!” reaction in collectors.  This #84 Harold Miner is one of them.  The long-forgotten names in this set make even minor stars stand out all the more.  It’s a nice bright spot in a set that is all too often completely dismissed.

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