1995-96 Skybox Premium Lottery Exchange #5 Kevin Garnett








Placing It In Context:  It took redeeming all three different exchange cards to receive the 1995-96 Skybox Premium Lottery Exchange set.  The exchange cards were placed into Series One packs at a rate of 1:40.  The deadline for exchange was June 15, 1996.  The set included a header card showing a set’s serial number out of 25,000

Unopened Set of Skybox Lottery Exchange Cards

and thirteen cards featuring the first thirteen picks in the 1995 draft.  The number of selection in the draft is featured prominently on the front as well as being subtly mixed into an otherwise solid background.

The Card:  This particular card was and remains the highlight of the set.  In the 2001 Standard Catalog of Basketball Cards, it’s value was listed at $12.00 with the next highest card listed at $8.00 (Damon Stoudamire).  The price has stayed quite stable depending on the card’s condition, although they sometimes take a while to sell.  There are plenty on the market.

In Short: Essential for any Kevin Garnett collection.  Although more rare than a standard card, this one shouldn’t be too hard to obtain.

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