1999-00 Ultra #135 Lamar Odom Rookie

1999-00 Ultra #135 Lamar Odom FrontPlacing it in Context:  The 1999-00 Ultra set runs at a manageable 150 cards, a far cry from Ultra’s original 1992-93 set of 375.  The final 25 cards are rookies and sometimes referred to as “short prints.”.  They were slightly more rare inserted at a rate of 1:4 packs. Because of this fact, you’ll see a few more “base sets” of the first 125 cards for sale than full sets, although neither is particularly difficult to complete.  The design is classy and simple; a borderless photo with the Ultra logo, player’s name, team, and position in foil along the bottom.  The borderless photo makes wear on the edges and corners very visible!  Part of the joy of collecting this set is that one can always strive to upgrade its condition, since flaws in these areas are so exposed.  There are a variety of associated insert sets, and three parallel sets to interest collectors (Gold, Platinum, and a 1/1 Masterpiece for those lucky to find any).  A simple, attractive set to collect often overlooked by collectors.  Attractive cards, notable players…and can be added to your collection at a surprisingly low cost.  An often overlooked, fun-to-collect set!

The Card:  The Lamar Odom rookie card is a highlight of this set.IMG_0273[1]  It was even featured on the cover of the 2001 Standard Catalog of Basketball Cards.  But this same book demonstrates the unfortunate tale of its value.   It was listed in this publication at $20.00 and can now be found for $2.00 or so if one is willing to wait.  But enough negativity!  This is still a Lamar Odom rookie card!  The design is elegant (despite the color of the back creating a monochrome effect with the Clippers jersey).   There’s even a hard-to-spot error; Odom’s birthplace, Jamaica, NY is spelled “Jamacia.”  A very cost-effective gift for the Lamar Odom fan.

As stated above, cards from these cards are hard to find in hard grades because of the borderless design.  The Beckett population report shows this clearly, 67 graded, with none above a 9.  Four are PSA 10, an easier grader than Beckett.

In Short:  An attractive Lamar Odom rookie card for a very low price…  How can you go wrong?


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