1999 Ultra WNBA

1999-ultra-wnba-102-chamique-holdsclaw-rookie-frontThe Fleer/Skybox company released two sets of WNBA cards in 1999, a Hoops series, as well as this Ultra series under discussion.  These sets are important in and of themselves because they are the first complete sets of WNBA cards. The Ultra set contains 125 cards (90 base, 10 All-WNBA, 25 rookies)  forming a concise, important set.  The rookie cards were made more desirable by a slightly lower placement (1:2 packs).  The design of the base set is pure class with the same borderless, simple design that had been in use since the 1994-95 Ultra set.  Rookies are distinguished by a border on the bottom that matches the team logo.

The landmark card in this set is the Chamique Holdsclaw rookie card, #102.

Information on individual cards:

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