College – 1992-93 Michigan #8 Chris Webber

college-1992-93-michigan-8-chris-webber-obversePutting It In Context: This 15-card Michigan set has aesthetic appeal for collectors.  A large full color photograph on the front, and a unified school color scheme.  There’s a blue rectangle containing “Michigan” on the side and the player’s name in yellow font within a white rectangle on the bottom.  All elements thoughtful, nothing extraneous.  Backs contain a smaller photo and stay concise and unified.  White background, blue name, yellow “M” Michigan logo (card number tucked beneath).  Plenty of information in the usual statistics and detailed bio.  If you were lucky enough to purchase this set at the original price of $7 (either at the M Den at the Yost Ice Arena at the time, or the Crisler Arena), you can rest assured that the cards have maintained their value.  A must-have for college basketball card collectors!

The Card:  In addition to the clean, attractive design, this particular college-1992-93-michigan-8-chris-webber-reverseChris Webber card is a large part of the reason that this set retained its value.  Great dunking photograph on the front and smaller dunking closeup on the back.  It’s often considered his first card, and true rookie card for collectors!

In Short:  Something no Chris Webber or Michigan collector can be without!

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